The Table d'hôtes

Welcome to our table!

Elie and Anne Crouan, both Slow Food enthusiasts, combine their talents by cooking dinners for guests, prepared with four hands.

The table d'hôtes is a convivial moment of sharing and emotion, an ode to greediness and the pleasure of the taste buds. The candlelit dinner is served according to the seasons, in summer in the softness of the gardens impregnated with the scent of roses, in winter in the warm intimacy of the dining room.

A moment of sharing

Long before it became fashionable, they were already locavores. Their family cuisine is influenced by seasonal produce, local produce, the vegetable garden, the offerings of small local producers whom they know personally, spices from around the world and their travels.

The culinary soul of the masters of the house takes you on a gustative, delicate and fragrant journey from which you will emerge happy and smiling. It is a beautiful sensory experience that they offer us where French spririt is celebrated both in the plates and in the art of the table.

Live with them the motto of their family
"Pax in me et abundantia".


A choice for everyone

Whether it is for a gourmet dinner or a family dinner, Elie and Anne always strive to satisfy their guests' expectations.

Vegetarians are not to be outdone, as the hostess herself is a vegetarian. For a very special occasion to celebrate, they will know how to propose you a dinner according to your tastes, don't hesitate to talk to them about it.



The breakfast table is a feast for the eyes before it is for the taste buds.


For all your excursions, we prepare your home-made picnic basket.

Cooking and Oenology Courses

Do you wish to learn how to cook?

Or to discover new tricks?

Elie and Anne offer you a four-handed trip to discover the dishes and wines of the Loire.

Elie will tell you about the wines before you taste them, and Anne will tell you all about her tricks before treating you with a delicious meal!

Discover our special offer or book your private course!