The Gardens and Forest of Chambiers

A remarkable garden, the garden of Chambiers

Running along the undergrowth, the driveway leading to the Château is lined with an arbour and rhododendrons.

A bucolic journey

On the esplanade facing the Château and framing the main entrance, the Italian garden takes shape. Boxwood and teucrium are punctuated by white roses.

Your steps lead you to the French garden bordered by the cloister of lime trees, the pond and the grove of hundred-year-old cedars.


The appeal of the five senses

The perfumes of the aromatic garden take you on a journey. The old roses plunge you into an intimate atmosphere.

Towards the park, the camellia circle guides your steps. Above all, look for the extraordinary rhododendron, which is well hidden there.

These gardens, both romantic and architectural, contain a thousand secret places that you must know how to discover according to the poetry of your soul.

One can only be seduced by the charm and authenticity that emanates from this magical place, a bubble out of time, punctuated by birdsong.

The Oak Tree

Discover the jewel of the Château de Chambiers, the magnificent and exceptional four-century old oak tree with its sumptuous antlers.

The elegance with which it adorns itself throughout the seasons enchants young and old alike. Golden from the first shivers of spring, it then goes through a succession of greens before turning brown in autumn. Even bare shaft in winter, its haughty and protective appearance will delight you.

A magical bubble

In season, the scent of magnolia flowers is a pure delight.

Lazing around in the hammocks and comfortable sun loungers by the pool or in the park in the summer contribute to the feeling of well-being that reigns in this enchanting place.

The park, where it is pleasant to stroll, allows you to admire its venerable trees. Also to be discovered is the hut we all dreamed of as children.

The Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden of the Château de Chambiers is the kingdom of Elie. Here he lovingly grows forgotten vegetables and ancient varieties, respecting nature and seasons.

What happiness when you come across him back from the vegetable garden and on the way to the kitchen, the baskets overflowing with promises. He loves to share his passion and his secrets as a gardener with young and old alike.

Simple pleasures

Elie and Anne share a taste for respecting nature. The biotop and biodiversity are preserved. Chemical treatments have no place here.

In Chambiers, respect for the environment, nature and the seasons are neither vain words nor fashionable effects, it is a way of life.

The Forest of Chambiers

Staying at the Château de Chambiers is an enchanting interlude in many ways and especially the discovery of its forest. Just a few steps away, there you are, Chambiers la vie au vert (Living life green).

Get away from it all

What a pleasure it is to run, to walk in the many pathways, to come across sometimes riders, mountain bikers, photographic hunting enthusiasts in search of the grail, or simply to recharge your batteries in the nature.

To the delight of patient and discreet walkers, it is not rare to admire the rare animals, birds and butterflies that populate the undulating vegetation. Taking the time to understand the fauna and flora, to identify the different plants, to track down the footprints, to decipher the tracks, to recognise the animals crossed at the bend in an alley, all this is possible - you just have to want it. 

Initiation to nature

Along the paths, a few discreet and judicious educational panels allow you to discover and understand the many preserved treasures that abound in the forest of Chambiers.

History over the centuries

The Chambiers forest has been shaped over the centuries as a nurturing mother, a social link and a festive place. These vocations have asserted themselves throughout its dense history. Possessed by the Counts of Anjou and then by the Lords of Durtal from the XIIth century onwards, it now belongs mainly to private owners.

A few years ago, the commune of Durtal acquired 197 hectares of forest and ponds, which were declared a Nature Reserve by decree of the Ministry of the Environment, where the fauna and flora are protected.

The forest of Chambiers has been a renowned hunting area since the Middle Ages and is very rich in game. It was particularly appreciated by the kings of France during their stays at the castle. It is in memory of these royal battles that its main crossroads was named the Table au Roy.


The ponds

The ponds of Chambiers, in addition to being the aim of very bucolic walks, are listed as "sensitive natural areas". They are open to the practice of "No Kill" fishing, with obligatory re-watering for the happiness of the fishing enthusiasts.

To be noted: The Forêt de Chambiers, a book written by secondary school pupils, compiles the history, fauna and flora of the communal forest. It can be consulted in the town hall.