About us



It took all the passion and tenacity of one man to make the transition from dream to reality and to contribute to the rebirth of this castle that saw his birth.

He embarked on this adventure with his wife and children, and together they brought back to life their family house, this sleeping beauty.
They have imbued the Château de Chambiers with their original personalities while respecting their ancestors, the spirit and the history of the place.

Art of living

This private estate, a haven of peace, where nature is preserved, has made a smooth transition from an agricultural and heritage vocation to welcoming guests looking for a refined and timeless place.

The castle, the suite, the cottages and the reception room have been restored with authenticity and modernity. At Chambiers, respect for nature, environment and seasons are neither vain words nor fashionable effects, it is a way of life.

A territory

As early as the Middle Ages, mention is made of Chambiers in the heart of unspoilt nature. The forest, which is at once a nourishing mother, a social and festive link, has seen its vocation affirmed throughout the centuries.

During their travels throughout the kingdom, kings and queens of France came here to hunt. This area with its protected forest biotope is a perfect example of a symbiosis between the plant and animal worlds. Between wild nature and biodiversity, it is classified as a Nature Reserve.
Nowadays, the green lungs of the Loir Valley, the Château de Chambiers and its forest remain a welcoming and remarkable setting.
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A meaning to life

A couple's homage to heritage and nature, this concept brings together their fundamental values of hospitality and the art of living.

Well anchored in the century and respectful of their roots, Elie and Anne Crouan live and share a quality of life that they have managed to perpetuate and preserve.

Being without worrying about appearances

With Chambiers as a setting, the simply beautiful, the refinement, the grace and the freedom are just as essential as breathing.

The serenity, space, well-being and spirit that emanate from this ensemble are accompanied by a present and discreet service. True luxury!
Once through the gates of the Château, there is no need to appear, you are in an elsewhere so far away and so close. Appearances fade away, time remains suspended, take the time to live.


At the Château de Chambiers, we are particularly attached to welcoming and sharing the art of living. These are for you exquisite attentions and refined details.

An interlude, a private or professional event, these moments will remain in your memory. A warm smile, a particular attention to your desires, an availability, everything contributes to make this stay unique, a welcome dynamism, a happy letting go, a power of enchantment.

An enchanting interlude

Bright early mornings in the dawn, walks in the forest, the smell of pine trees, deer mischief in the French garden, discovery of the vegetable garden, a walk in the garden, dinner under the stars in the soft evening, crackling fireplaces.

Days that go by too fast, dreamy nights, discoveries, visits, long naps, nightfall reunions, the music of spending time together...
Contemplative or dynamic, you will experience rare moments at the Château de Chambiers, these moments of peace will remain in your memory.