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Bienvenue au Château

Bienvenue au Château is a label that promotes accommodation in historic residences governed as a non-profit-making association under the French law of 1901, all over France.

Adresses Exclusives

Adresses Exclusives is a group of enthusiasts whose dream is to bring together exceptional houses and travellers who want to be sure before they leave that they will be fulfilled by the accommodation they choose.


Esprit de France

The Esprit de France Club brings together owners of hotels and residences united around the same passion: heritage, art and history. The properties go beyond the simple notion of accommodation to introduce a cultural dimension.

Rétro Emotions

Rétro Émotion, an authentic travel and events agency, founded in Anjou (Angers), offers you stays in vintage cars and Solex, out of time, in France, to discover its heritage, its culture, its nature and its land, its language, its castles...


L'Accélérateur Ododo is an e-learning course, with on-demand coaching and a community of mutual aid. It teaches you how to market your business effectively.